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8.00 Ounces

MYSTERY - Question That Doesn't Have Answer Will Remain Mystery. Same With This Candy Flavored eLiquid. Instead Of Asking What The Flavor Is, You Should Just Enjoy The Yummy-ness In This Mix Fruit Combined With White Taffy Candy



BERRY RUSHThe Satisfaction Of Berry Inhales Are More Than Any Other Flavors. The Ultimate Mix  Of Delicious And Tasty Sweet Berries Diluted In Taffy Candy Mix



BLUE RAZZTasty Candy And Most Picked Flavor. Now In Your Everyday Vape. Mouth Watering Sweet Blue Raspberry Blended Together In Chewy Taffy Candy



BLUE RAZZ ICEFrost - ICED Blue Razz by Air Factory is a tasteful combination of frigid mentholation, mythical blue raspberries, and a touch of cream to round out the tart and tangy flavors as they dance over the taste buds.


MELON LUSHJuiciest And The Sweetest. Tasty Delectable Watermelon Was Chosen By The Ripeness To Get The Best Taste With Chewy Taffy Candy Mix 


MELON LUSH ICE ICED Melon Lush by Air Factory is a powerful trifecta of bursting melons combined with a splash of icy mentholation to add a frigid element to this tasty fruit based vape juice that will have the taste buds begging for more.


STRAWBERRY CRUSHStrawberry Crush E-Liquid by Treat Factory is a lip-smacking rendition of a sweet treat filled with flavor-packed savory strawberry.


STRAWBERRY KIWIJuicy Fruity Flavored Candy That Will Never Gets Old. Perfect Mix Of Sour Tarty Green Kiwi With Extra Sweet Red Strawberries Diluted In Chewy Taffy Candy Mix


WILD APPLEDelicious Sweet And Sour Chewy Candy That Is Unstoppable. Green Apples Was Chosen For Crispiness To Get The Most Sour. Then Mixed Together In A Saltwater Taffy


CRISP APPLEIcy Combination Is An Excellent Choice To Cool You Off This Summer In The Right Way. Mix Of Sour Green Apples And Sweet Red Apples Bursting With Ice Perfectly


ICED CHEEIt's Not Typical But It Is Tropical. Distinctive And Sweet Lychee Chosen For The Juiciest And Tastiest With Ice


TROPIC FREEZEAbsolute Tasty Two Best Tropical Flavors Of Them All. Sweet Red Ripe Strawberries Blended Together With Sour Tarty Green Kiwi Served In Ice For A Maximum Sensation Of Warm Sand At The Beach


JAW DROPPEREvery Kid In The World Loves Hard Candies. Sweet Juicy Watermelon Mix Together WIth Hard Candy To Bring Out The Mouth Watering Flavors


Kookie Krunch 

Cookie dough fanatics will go crazy for Kookie Krunch E Liquid.The heavens have heard your call for the perfect coolie dough flavor and Treat Factory answered with this decadent vape treat that is Kookie Krunch. 


Custard Craze

Custard Craze is everything you imagined a delicious, 
rich, creamy vanilla custard should be. Treat factory never fails to satisfy your vaping expectations and they certainly did it again with 
Custard Craze.You'll go crazy for this sensational vape! So rich and 
smooth you'll want to vape it all day. Grab yours today.


Lemon Glaze

Lemon Glaze is everything you imagined in a delicious, rich, Lemon Glaze Pastry. Treat factory never fails to satisfy your vaping expectations and they certainly did it again with Lemon Glaze. You'll go crazy for this sensational vape! So rich and smooth you'll want to vape it all day. Grab yours today!






VG PG RATIO: 70/30