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8.00 Ounces

Berry Berry-Brrrst

is a chilly ejuice by Burst E-Liquid that combines fruit flavored chewy candy vape juice packed with fresh blackberry, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries with a refreshing icy blast. The inhale is ripe fresh blueberry and a sugary goodness that is lush and delicious. The exhale is notes of blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry with a blast of icy menthol to finish. Try some Berry Brrst ejuice by Burst E-Liquid in your tank today!



Melon-Brrrst ejuice by Burst Blizzard E-Liquid 


is an icy cool mix of ripe cantaloupe and fresh honeydew, providing fresh all day vape taste that's subtle and sweet.The inhale is sweet cantaloupe flavor that touches your palate with juicy sweet flavor. The exhale is a cool icy menthol flavor with hints of ripe honeydew followed by a sweet rush of sugary crystals. Try some Melon-Brrrst ejuice by Burst Blizzard E-Liquid in your vape tank today!



Straw-Brrrst ejuice by Burst Blizzard E-Liquid


is classic tart and sweet strawberry flavor with an edgy icy finish. The sweet ripened strawberry, chewy fresh pulled taffy and iced menthol are rolled into awesome vape juice flavor.  Straw-Burst ejuice by Burst E-Liquid's inhale is a chewy strawberry candy that's subtly tart and dazzles your tongue. The exhale is more candy flavor as the icy menthol intensifies.Try some. Straw-Brrrst ejuice by Burst Blizzard E-Liquid in your vape tank today!