Circus cookie - 4 FLAVORS - 100 ML - AVAILABLE IN 0MG, 3MG, AND 6MG

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3.00 Ounces

Circus cookie - Taste of a baked cookie with flavoring of pink and white frosting covered with sprinkles


COCONUT CAKEFluffy Sweet Chocolate Cake Filled With Coconut Whipped Cream And Topped With Coconut Shavings And Marshmallow Cream


COOLER -Summer Vape That's Full Of Delightful And Fresh Hits Of Carbonated Citrus Soda. The Closest Feeling Of A Perfect Vape To Take To The Pool In A Hot, Sunny Day. Almost Feels Like You're Actually Drinking An Ice Cold Soda That Rhymes With Actus Cooler 


COTTON CANDY -Ever Wonder If Anyone Made A Flavor That Can Take You Back To Your Carnival Days? Well, Here It Is!! Sweet, Fluffy And Sugary texture Of Pink And Blue Cotton Candy (Minus The Mess On Your Cheeks)