EXPIVAPE Dropshipping and Wholesale Program


Providing you with dropshipping of smoktech products, replacement coils, and e-juices at very competitive prices



  • No risk of dead inventory or being stuck with items that will not sell.
  • No storage required or labor required to pack orders
  • Able to compete with larger companies with no virtually no hands on inventory


how does dropshipping work?

Drop shipping refers to selling goods to your customer and having your supplier ship the goods directly to your customer from the supplier. The supplier will send each order to the address you specify. If you sell on a 3rd party channel or your own website, this means that you can offer your product to your buyers at the price you desire and then have it shipped by your supplier directly to the end customer without your customer knowing that the product is being shipped from the Wholesale supplier directly. Main advantage of this is that you have no overhead, inventory, or labor; everything is done for you automatically.


HOW TO DO DROPSHIPPING/wholesale with expivape

Our dropshipping process is very easy, please see the steps below

Step 1: Check out our retail area of our website and see what items you are looking for.  Any items you find interesting, then email us at support@expicell.com to find what prices we can give you for drop shipping or bulk wholesale. Put our products in your site or at Ebay. You can use our pictures that are on our website

  • Step 2: Take the order with your pricing from your customers and order from us;
  • Step 3: We ship to your customer the order without pricing.




Q – what are your prices and how do I find out about them?

A – Take a look at the items we have listed on the retail section of our website. Make a list of the items you want and send an email to support@expicell.com , we will then reply back in 24 hours on the prices we can offer you for drop shipping or bulk wholesale order. 


Q – Is there a fee to access your wholesale prices?

– There is no fee to access our wholesale or drop shipping prices.


Q - How do I know what rate to quote for the product?

– We have been selling online for quite a long time and we understand that the margins are very thin for online sellers, thus we provide some of the best prices in the industry to ensure you make a profit selling online. The rate you quote for the product is up to you, be aware that you must price competitively and we are here to help you to ensure that you can offer products at a competitive price while at the same time make decent profit margin.


- What do I do once I get an online order from my customer?

– Accept the order and collect the payment from your customer and then make the order from us.

The way you can make orders to us are the following:

Send us an excel sheet with the name, address, and item




Let us sync our shipping software with your website or selling channel and we will automatically be able to dropship the orders


For wholesale orders, email us at support@expicell.com or call us 1-888-305-3877 to place the order


Dropshipping is one of the best ways to get your feet wet in the world of ecommerce and generating an additional stream of revenue with very little effort. It allows you to test the waters, without making any huge investments in a business. We have many dropship and wholesale partners who are very satisfied with our services and pricing.

Come at this opportunity and contact us today at support@expicell.com or call us 1-888-305-3877, we are open 24/7. We know how urgent your business needs are, and that is why we are available for support at any time you desire.