Want to quit cigarettes, but vaping seems to complicated?

Want to quit cigarettes, but vaping seems to complicated?

Posted by Expivape Staff on Mar 24th 2018

As the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes continues to rise and reach the mainstream public, this presents an opportunity for smokers who have been looking to quit their addiction to cigarettes.

Making the jump from smoking to Vaping

For many smokers, making the jump from smoking to vaping can be a daunting task since you have to learn how to operate a temperature controlled device along with knowing how to troubleshoot a device such as making sure to prime the coils, cleaning out the tank, make sure the tank does not leak, adjust the temperature setting for the coil, making sure to charge the batteries beforehand, and the list goes on and on. While compared to smoking, where you just go down to your local store and buy a pack of cigarettes, light up the cigarette and bam, you are getting your daily smoke or nicotine.

But…deep down you still wish there was an easy way to leave smoking and go to vaping because of all the studies showing that vaping is a much healthier alternative. Well, there may still be hope.

Enter Pod devices and Salt based nicotine

For the past 5 or 6 years, the vaping industry had primarily been targeting a niche audience that just wanted to have fun blowing large clouds of nicotine using their sub ohm devices along with powerful mods and batteries. Blowing large and thick vape clouds can be very fun to do, especially when you have contests with fellow vapers and friends.

Now the industry has realized that not everyone wants to just vape for the sake of blowing huge clouds of flavored nicotine, people have learned that vaping is healthier than smoking and want an easy way to get started on vaping. At the current state, sub ohm and temperature control devices made great vaping devices, but they were not easy to learn, when we mean easy, we mean to just turn on the device and get started.

So now we see the industry producing easy to use devices such as pod systems that use salt-based nicotine juice.

WHAT is a pod device and easy to start vaping with it?

Pod devices are mix between e-cigarettes and vape pens that have been revamped to make it easy for anyone to use the device right out of the box.

How do pod systems work and do you get the same hit of nicotine as you do when smoking?

Lets take a look at a popular pod system device such as the Suorin Air Kit

The Suorin Air kit has the following advantages

Wide Range of Flavors and Nicotine Strength - more options to choose from and are not limited to juice provided by the manufacturer of the device

Smoother draw allows for more vapor production and better mouth to lung action

EASY TO USE! as the device either needs one button pressed or are auto-draw

EXTREMELY DISCREET! design make it ultra-compact and portable which make it good for a night out with friends, it is literally small as a credit card!

Low Investment - the device costs around 18 to 20 dollars and it is not much of a time investment compared to learning high powered mods

Very economical - 85% savings compared to smoking a pack a day

The Suorin Air Kit is a pod device that allows you to manually refill nicotine salt e-juice. Unlike the closed system devices, you can buy any bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid at varying nicotine strengths to find a flavor that suits you best. Think about ordering your favorite kind of coffee and brewing it in your coffee maker. The freedom to choose any flavor can help you play around with the flavors until you find that right one.

As with everything in life, there are disadvantages to pod devices like the Suorin Air Kit, lets take a look at some points below.

Inconvenience - You have to refill e-liquids manually and have to change coils or replace cartridge after several uses

Switching flavors is a hassle unless you have a separate pod filled with a different flavor

Vapor production is limited due to battery size and it can be a drawback for those who want to get the maximum vapor.

Low battery life is one of the downsides of the vape pods in general but it is also faster to recharge as well

Overall verdict?If you are thinking about quitting smoking and looking for a healthier alternative such as vaping using the most simple device possible, then now is never than better time to switch, especially with devices like the Suorin Drop Kit and Suorin Air kit now on the market at very affordable prices, and variety of salt based nicotine juices have arrived on the market to cater to people using these devices, so if you need a good variety of juice flavors to choose from then you are also covered in that area as well.