In depth product insight - Smok G-Priv Kit

Posted by Expivape Staff on Apr 9th 2017

SMOK G-PRIV KIT- 220W Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a sophisticated vaping device that has a touch screen feature that allows you not only to adjust the watts from 0-220W but also to … read more
Vaping at a whopping 350 watts!

Vaping at a whopping 350 watts!

Posted by Expivape Staff on Mar 8th 2017

VAPING at a mind blowing 350 Watts!Just as we thought that the new standard in the vape industry would now be around 220 watts for most mods, we now have Smoktech pushing the boundaries with their lat … read more


Posted by Expivape Staff on Feb 17th 2017

One of the biggest controversies and debates in the e-cigarette and vape industry is of mechanical mods in comparison to regulated mods. In this article we will go through a brief intro of what is … read more

​Why Vaping is better alternative

Feb 13th 2017

Indeed, tobacco still is the culprit that kills six million people globally every year. In addition, despite numerous health campaigns, young people are still taking on smoking as a leisurely habit, … read more