Flavor Ban starting in San Francisco, will this succeed and go on to other states?

Posted by Expivape Staff on May 21st 2017

San Francisco Flavor Ban

San Francisco is one of several municipalities in California that are considering prohibiting the sale of flavored vapor products. This is a policy movement and it is a very real threat. We know that proponents of these bans are well funded and have the support of respected organizations.

Big tobacco and pharmacy industry will do anything they can to stop or stagnate the vapor industry in whatever possible way they can. This new threat from Big pharmacy industry by introducing legislation that looks to ban flavored e-juice is a downright dirty way to deter the vapor industry. Imagine if all e-juices did not have any flavor? Would anyone even then bother to vape e-juice that doesn’t have any taste? Imagine if our food that we eat on a daily basis became tasteless, people would definitely be eating a whole lot less since eating food would seem like a tedious task.

The vapor industry is such a volatile industry right now because it is bringing innovation to an industry where there has been no innovation or advancement for over the past century. Take a look at how fast vaping is catching on, big tobacco uses celebs, huge TV advertisements, and many other forms of advertising to send a message to people that smoking is a cool thing, but vaping is still outpacing cigarette sales despite any major marketing. Think about it, people are moving away from cigarettes and moving onto vaping because it is healthier, cheaper, and it is saving many lives from the unhealthy lifestyle that comes with smoking cigarettes.

For those of who live in San Francisco or in the state of California, now is the time contact your city and state officials, give them your remarks about what you think about vaping.

Here some points you can write about to your local representative

State how long you were a smoker, how long you've been smoke-free, and how vapor products helped you.

How important are e-liquid flavors to you remaining smoke-free?

Did flavored products help you lose your taste for smoking?

Did the variety of flavored e-liquid inspire you to give vaping a try?

What would you do if flavored e-liquid was no longer available?

Would you make your own?

Would you purchase outside the city/state?

Would you feel pressured to return to smoking?

Thank you

Expivape.com Staff