How many brands of e-juice are out there in the market?

Feb 16th 2019

As the day goes by, there are a lot of reports about using a cigarette which mainly harms the health of numerous people around them especially the second-hand smoke and the third-hand smoke. Yes, that’s true. Second and third-hand smoke are the most harmed people compared to the person who is using the cigarette. That’s why some people make a cigarette that will not severely damage someone’s health – whether a second or third-hand smoke. This cigarette is called an electric cigarette or e-cigarettes as what other people call it. They are a battery-operated device that smokers use to inhale the aerosol, which is believed to have nicotine (although not always), flavors, and other kinds of chemical—and these flavorings are called e-juice.

When a person is using a regular cigarette, inhale it, and release a smoke, it is often called as “smoking,” but when a person uses an electronic cigarette, inhale the aerosol, and release the smoke from his mouth, it is called as “vaping.” In this article, you will learn and discover things related to vaping, e-juices, etc. So, keep reading!

Knowing E-juice

Have you heard the word e-juice? How about e-liquid or vape juice? If yes, but still not sure what are those and what they are used for, don’t worry because you will learn it here. Let’s start!

E-juice, e-liquid, and vape juice are just different words to describe one thing. It depends on you on how you will call it. This liquid is used to produce a vapor through the vaporizer. It comes in numerous kinds of flavors which also have different levels of nicotine. Furthermore, e-juices are made of PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), water, food flavoring, and nicotine if you prefer to, but it can also be made without the presence of nicotine. The total distribution of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol content have a total of 90% while the food flavoring is only 10%.

Differentiating Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

In the vaping community, there’s a significant debate which concerns vapers – and that is about the Propylene Glycol e-juice and Vegetable Glycerin e-juice. What’s the main difference?

When it comes to its consistency, propylene glycol is thinner than the vegetable glycerin. So, vegetable glycerin is thicker compared to propylene glycol.

Since propylene glycol has a thinner consistency, it will provide less residue on both atomizer and tank. Also, propylene glycol e-juice doesn’t contain any flavorings in it, so it will not affect the e-liquid overall. PG e-juice produces a more improved “throat hit” just like when you are smoking a regular cigarette – and this is the reason why many users choose this.

Vegetable glycerin e-juice provides a sweet taste. It is used as a replacement for sugar or also known as a sweetener. Furthermore, vegetable glycerin e-juice creates thicker clouds because of its denser composition.

E-juice Companies and The Most Famous Brand

The total number of e-juice brands are unclear, but upon researching about e-juices, there are a total of 7,700 flavors of vape juice and 460 electronic cigarette brands which are likely to sell also an e-juice. As its popularity grows over time, it is difficult to trace again and again the total number of e-juice companies on the market today. But for sure, it is in hundreds.

When it comes to the best selling e-liquids, we will cover different sections. Here it goes. For the best nicotine salt e-juices for 2019, NKD 100 salt is on top of the list. For the best premium e-juice in 2019, the first place is the black note. For the best CBD vape juice for 2019, CBDfx Vape Juice is on the top of the list. If you are wondering what is the best cheap e-juices in 2019, The Sauce LA gets the first spot. For the best high-VG e-juices 2019, Vaporfi Grand Reserve is the first on the list. For the best e-juice flavors for 2019, it is no other than the Black Note Prelude. For the best diacetyl-free e-juices in 2019, it’s still the Black Note.

List of the Best E-Juice Flavors in 2018 & 2019

Ever since vaping made its way to the trend, numerous e-juice companies also join the bandwagon. There are countless e-juice flavors out there, so it's quite difficult to choose which is the best one. The normal e-juice will be in menthol and tobacco flavors but if you want something out-of-the-box to try one, you can; and some examples of it are a granola bar, cotton candy, watermelon, etc. All of the e-juices flavors work well on a different kind of vape mod.

List if Best E-Liquid Flavors in 2018

1. Rocket Popsicle E-Juice Flavor

2. Mixed Fruit E-Juice Flavor

3. Blueberry Cheesecake E-Juice Flavor

4. Fruit Cereal E-Juice Flavor

5. Vanilla Custard E-Juice Flavor

6. Ice Cream & Fruit Cereal E-Juice Flavor

7. Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade E-Juice Flavor

8. Menthol and Berry E-Juice Flavor

9. Strawberry Banana Custard E-Juice Flavor

10. Banana Pudding E-Juice Flavor

List of Best E-Liquid Flavors in 2019

1. Tropical Fruit E-Juice Flavor

2. Tobacco E-Juice Flavor

3. Menthol E-Juice Flavor

4. Coffee E-Juice Flavor

5. Vanilla E-Juice Flavor

6. Grape E-Juice Flavor

7. Fruity E-Juice Flavor

8. Cookie- E-Juice Flavor

9. Strawberry and Cream E-Juice Flavor

10. Chicago-Favorite E-Juice Flavor

11. Tropical E-Juice Flavor

12. Fruit Punch E-Juice Flavor

13. Chocolate Chip Cookies E-Juice Flavor

14. Strawberry Watermelon E-Juice Flavor

15. Lemon-Lime E-Juice Flavor

Amount of Nicotine in E-Juice

E-juices are made with different strength and levels of nicotine. However, most users purchase e-juices that doesn’t contain nicotine. The following are the standard strength that will guide you on how to choose the power of your e-juice:

  • 0 mg – No Nicotine
  • 8 mg – Low
  • 11 mg – Medium
  • 16 mg – High
  • 24 mg – Extra High
  • With the use of e-cigarette along with e-juices, it will allow you to choose how powerful the nicotine would be. Unlike with the regular cigarette, it has a standard strength of nicotine. People who switch to electronic cigarette and are heavy smokers before choose the extra high power of nicotine level. You can customize your level of nicotine; whether it will be 3mg of nicotine or 6mg of nicotine, it doesn’t matter. But the most recommended thing to do is to test out everything and see what the perfect one for you is.

    How to Choose an E-Liquid For You

    First: Differentiate the propylene glycol from vegetable glycerin e-juice and know carefully what is suitable for you.

    Second: However, it is recommended to use a vegetable glycerin e-juices than PG e-liquids.

    Third: If you are not sure about what you will use between the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), you can mix up the two depending on the ratio of distribution.

    Fourth: The amount or level of nicotine you will need is based on how aggressive you are as a smoker of a regular cigarette. And as time goes by, you can lower it down until you reach the level of no nicotine.

    Fifth: Since e-juices has a wide variety of flavors to choose from, you can try a lot of flavors and discover more. There is a trial size available so; you can opt for that. `

    Vaping Terminology

    DRY HITTING – electronic cigarettes work because the coil is heated, and that is when the juice will turn into vapor eventually. And if you fail to put enough e-juice into your e-cig’s chamber, and still going to have a smoke with your e-cigarette, you will feel the burning sensation.

    CHOOSING A NICOTINE IN A HIGH LEVEL – e-juices are made with or without the presence of nicotine. And when there is nicotine included, it comes in different strength or level. If your reason why you change to vaping is to quit smoking, then the level of your nicotine should be at the lowest.

    BUYING LOW-QUALITY EQUIPMENT – the main equipment used in vaping is pricey. But there are cheap equipment out there whom you cannot trust because given the fact that the manufacturer of that device is not accessible or well-known, you are not sure if where the other parts and components come from which normally cause the problem.

    PURCHASING CHEAP E-JUICES – yes, e-juices have something to do with it also. If you are planning to buy the low-quality type of e-juices, stop it now because you are not sure what kind of chemicals are included in it. You cannot trust the label stating the ingredients itself. Don’t risk your health.

    NOT CLEANING THINGS – vaping means maintaining also. As a user of an electronic cigarette, you are responsible for cleaning it every day and a full cleaning monthly. You also need to change components that need to be replaced.

    Above are some of the mistakes you can commit even without noticing when vaping. For a safer vaping experience, trust only reliable brands and make sure to comply with the maintenance of your device.