How much nicotine do you really consume when you vape?

Posted by Staff on Aug 2nd 2018

Do you often just look at the nicotine level stated on the bottle and assume that is the actual amount of nicotine you will consume when you vape that juice? Did you actually do the math and figure out the actual level of nicotine you are going to consume or just assumed it was 3 mg of nicotine or 6 mg of nicotine as stated on the bottle?? This is a common discussion among vapers, and now we’re seeing actual evidence showing that your e-liquid’s nicotine level may not mean that much.

For example: if you were to vape 3 mL a day of 18 mg/mL e-liquid, then switch to a sub-ohm device and vape 18 mL of 3 mg/mL liquid a day, you haven’t changed your total nicotine intake. Both vaping methods produce 54 mg of nicotine, but you have increased your e-liquid use times six.

Lets do some math and see how this makes sense:

In this first example, you vape lets say 3 ml of 18 mg nicotine juice, in total you have vaped that day (3 ml * 18 mg nic) = 54 mg of nicotine

2nd example, you vape lets say 18 ml of 3 mg nicotine juice, in total you have vaped that day ( 18 ml * 3 mg nic) = 54 mg of nicotine

So from this we can conclude that just because a person lowers the nicotine level, but they consume twice or triple the amount of juice on a daily basis, then are consuming more than 3 mg nicotine, it all depends on how many ML of juice you are actually consuming on a daily basis. The point of this example is to show that your nicotine consumption is not just 3 mg of nicotine for the whole bottle of juice buf every ML you consume of that juice is equivalent to 3 mg of nic.

Let’s say you vape a juice that is 120 ml and has 3 mg nicotine, when you are done consuming that entire 120 ml of juice, you will then have consumed 360 mg of nicotine. That is a LOT OF NICOTINE!

Which method of vaping delivers more vapor? Sub ohm vaping or mouth to lung(mtl) style of vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is shown to deliver a lot more vapor in each puff compared to the mouth to lung style which is done when vaping using a pod device.

High VOLUME vaping on sub ohm devices delivers big clouds by using more e-liquid. Also note here that the more dense the cloud, the more that cloud contains nicotine.

Is it important really important to watch how much nicotine are you intaking on a daily basis?

Recent trend in the vaping industry is how popular pod devices are becoming. Pod devices cater to people by allowing vapers to vape highly nic concentrated salt nic type of juices at a low wattage level

For example, lets say you if you vape a full JUUL pod, then will end up consuming 44 mg of nicotine while only have vaped 0.75 ML of e-juice. That is a good ratio compared to a 120 ML of e-uice with a concentration of 3 mg of nicotine, results in of full consumption of 360 mg of nicotine.

Overall, this shows that using pod devices can be healthier and a money saver as well since you do not need to vape much juice in order to get the a better of hit of nicotine while at the same time consuming less nicotine in the long run since you consume less juice.

What if my end goal is to completely reduce Nicotine? Will Vaping help me get to my goal?

We all know that nicotine is an addictive substance that has harmful effects. Many times you will experience withdrawl symptoms when trying to quit or give up nicotine.

Our advice to anyone trying to quit on Nicotine is to slowly reduce your daily intake of nicotine. One of the best ways to approach this is to reduce the overall amount of juice you consume on a daily basis because every ml of juice contains a set amount of nicotine.

Simply dropping yourself to a lower nicotine level or 0 level nicotine will not help, you must reduce the TOTAL consumption of E-juice on a daily basis.

A common goal in this case would be to reduce your weekly consumption of juice regardless of the concentration of nicotine. The less overall consumption of juice will lead to less nicotine consumption. If you slowly reduce your overall consumption then you will be able to break free from the craving of nicotine since you gradually lowered the overall consumption on a weekly or monthly basis.