Posted by Expivape.com Staff on Sep 28th 2018

JUUL: The Most Popular E-Cigarette

The vaping device by Silicon Valley start-up JUUL Labs has already taken US vape market by storm, the JUUL device sales have captured a whopping 68% of ecigarette market share, and now it's grabbing the attention of smokers/vapers worldwide who think their cigarettes or vaping devices are not “cool” anymore.

Why and how did JUUL become such a sensational trend?

JUUL- a trend setting technology

Technology has always been the easiest way to lure people, especially youngsters. JUUL is a sleekly designed device- the intention of the device design was to be discreet and portable, but this has also appealed to youth since they can use it discreetly as well.

JUUL was founded by the brainchild of Adam Bowen and James Monsees has grown to become the best-selling product on the vape market with $454 million in retail sales over the last year. In the US alone, JUUL has sold more than one million devices.

JUUL Labs introduced the e-cigarette in 2015 as a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Men’s Fitness has named it 'iPhone of e-cigs'. The compact and portable device uses nicotine salts and JUUL salts to provide Juulers with the satisfaction of nicotine or say traditional cigarettes.

There are plenty of JUUL flavors with mango, cool mint, Virginia tobacco, fruit medley and creme brulee as the most popular flavors.

JUUL History- how it came to be and where is it going towards

It all started in 2015. Two Stanford design graduates co-founded a startup with an aim to transform the lives of smokers worldwide. They created JUUL vaporizer keeping the needs of smokers in mind. With regulated temperature control and nicotine salts, the device gave smokers the freedom of having smoke experience without the mess of traditional cigarettes or the hassle that comes with operating sub ohm devices such as charging the batteries, cleaning and priming the coils, and making sure the liquid does not leak from the tank.

Since the launch, JUUL has transformed the vape US market. As per a recent report, the electronic device accounts for more than two-thirds of e-cigarette sales in the United States. JUUL is also getting a lot of flack from the FDA's movement to increase the minimum tobacco-buying age. Earlier, the company revealed several of its initiatives to address issues related to smoking and vaping.

As per a Bloomberg report in July this year, JUUL is currently raising more than $1.2 billion against a $15 billion valuation. Why is JUUL becoming so valuable at a time when there are countless vaping devices with thousands of flavors on the market?

According to experts, JUUL transformed a very famous approach- tobacco smoking- into a digital approach. JUUL delivers the performance of cigarette in a very cool way, which doesn't include the mess of ash.

People who have been using the device say JUUL makes them feel the nicotine hit stronger than other e-cigarettes and vaping devices. The secret behind the performance is JuulSalts approach. It includes nicotine salts, which are usually formed in heat-dried tobacco leaves. These salts are amazing and less harsh to inhale.

Over the past year, the sales of JUUL have surged 800%, valuing the company at $15 billion.

JUUL is extremely popular among teens and youngsters who can carry the sleek devices anywhere and enjoy Juuling anytime.

JUUL Future- It's Bright

The skyrocketing sales of JUUL suggest that the device is going to grab more attention in the near future. The vape UK market has already started seeing the impacts of the device on its existing vapers.

JUUL is being sold as a smart and simple device designed to experience smoke in a new way, which is clean and comfortable. Thousands of smokers are switching to JUUL to quit their smoking habits and take a clean approach to enjoy tobacco. It's JUULING