New research on effects of vapor and the responsibility of Vaping

Posted by Expivape Staff on Nov 9th 2017

New research has found that e-cigarette aerosol exposure can cause facial defects in frog embryos and disrupt mammalian embryonic cell growth.

We all know that smoking traditional cigarettes causes many health complications such as lung cancer, asthma, bad breath, and fertility problems.

We also know that E-cigarettes have proven to be a much more healthier alternative and a gateway to break away from the chains of big tobacco, but along the way one sometimes forget that vaping can also cause health problems and as a result also forget to take the necessary precautions to make sure that the people around us are not affected by the aerosols emitted from our e-cigarettes.

What is in e-cigarette fluids?

Many times we wonder if there are any dangerous or toxic substances used to make E-juices, but this is a common misconception among many who are vaping or looking to vape

If we take a look at the common ingredients found in E-juice, we will come across the following in 90% of the E-juice: nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, and flavorings. All those ingredients pretty much sound harmless correct? That is correct, but when these ingriedients are heated up they undergo a chemical reaction to become toxic aerosols such as propylene glycol produces acrolein, formaldehyde, and benzene, which are all harmful.

So now we know that when ingredients in E-juices are heated up, they become toxic aerosols which are harmful for us, so what are the effects of these toxic aerosols on the human body?

Well not much is known because E-juices are relatively new to the tobacco scene and not enough time has gone by to show that certain health conditions are caused by vaping E-juices.

A recent study shows that these harmful aerosols can affect the development of embryos. Researchers did a lab study where they placed the embryos of frogs in an environment where aerosols were present from vaporized E-juices. The study showed that the E-juice vapor affected the development of these embryos by causing minor changes to the shape of the embyros’ mouths. Vapor with a higher presence of nicotine had a higher level of effect on the development of the embryo, such as causing defects in the shape of the mouth, cranium, and eyes.

In conclusion, research continues in regard to what kind of harm vaping can do to one self and the people around the person that emits the vapor.


We all have to be responsible when we are vaping, please be respectful for the health of others around you when you vape, and be sure the vapor does come into range of children, pregnant women, and other people who may or may not have health issues. Vaping should be seen as a way to free ourselves from the chains of big tobacco and a way to become a healthier person, so along the way we also do not want to affect the health of others by emitting the vapor around them, so be mindful when you vape.

Thanks and keep on vaping Staff