Nicotine Salt, what is it and how does it change E-juices that use it?

Nicotine Salt, what is it and how does it change E-juices that use it?

Posted by Expivape Staff on Nov 15th 2017

Nicotine Salt based E-juice, What is it and how does it differ from regular nicotine based Ejuice?

We all know that E-juices for the longest time have been coming in few choices of nicotine options such as 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg and sometimes even 12 mg. Now the Vaping industry has come out with a new twist called Nicotine salt based juice where the E-juice has concentrations of up to 30 mg or even 50 mg of nicotine!

What is Nicotine Salt and how is it different from the nicotine in regular E-juices?

Nicotine Salt is nicotine in its most natural form, or basically “organic” nicotine if you want to look at it from that point of view. This nicotine salt naturally forms in leaf tobacco. Nicotine salt is also considered a more stable version of nicotine than compared to the nicotine we currently see in many of the E-juices.

Currently, most of the E-juices on the market contain “Freebase” nicotine which is basically nicotine that is processed by removing all the protons in nicotine. So basically this “freebase” nicotine is processed in a way that the salts are removed from the nicotine then it is used for products like E-juices.


Nicotine Salt VS Freebase nicotine, which one is better?

Deciding between vaping a Nicotine salt based Ejuice or Freebase nicotine Ejuice really comes down to what you want out of your vape. In most cases people vape to quit smoking but along the way a lot of people that are new to vaping complained that they were not getting the same “hit” of nicotine “feeling” as they did in cigarettes, so in that case they went back to cigarettes to get those nicotine hits.

So the solution for smokers and vapers who want the same nicotine feeling as cigarettes and vapers who want good throat hits, their solution is to vape E-juices that are Nicotine salt based. Nicotine Salt based juices have shown to provide strong throat hits that are like smoking a traditional cigarette, aside all the other combustible chemicals that release when smoking a cigarette.

In conlusion, the answer to whether you want to vape a juice that is based on nicotine salt or not is up to what you are looking for, are you looking for a good throat hit? Are you looking to get the same feeling of nicotine as you did when you smoked cigarettes? These are some questions that one has to ask themselves beforehand.

We surveyed some people in our local area and they told us that nicotine that is salt based is way too strong for them, let alone 3mg sometimes made them dizzy or shaken up, others said they like it and feels like a traditional cigarette for them. It is really basically up to what you can tolerate with regards to the nicotine amount, but PLEASE be responsible for your health at the end of the day, only do what you can tolerate and do not try to do more than that. The whole point of vaping is to break yourself from the clutches of big tobacco, not to fall into another endless loop of addiction.

Nicotine Salt based juices CANNOT be used in Sub Ohm based devices!

That is correct, E-juices that are based on Nicotine Salt cannot be vaped using sub-ohm devices, instead you have to use low powered devices like the Suorin drop, Eleaf Icare, Wismec MyMini etc.

The reason for this is that nicotine salt juices have way too high amount of nicotine levels in them. Using a low wattage based device wont make you feel like you are vaping a high nicotine based E-Juice, but it will still deliver a strong buzz feeling of nicotine.

The other benefit for Nicotine salt besides a good throat hit and nicotine feeling like smoking a cigarette is that you will not have to vape as much to get your nicotine fix since you get so much of it in each dose.

What juices are out on the market with Nicotine Salt currently?

Currently in this past month a few lines of juice have come out that are based on Nicotine Salt. Naked 100 brand is a favorite of many and has now come out with their own line of Ejuice that is based on Nicotine salt.

They have come out with the same line of juice with favorite flavors like Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, and others in a Nicotine Salt version.

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