NYC is limiting the number of vape shops that can exist within the city radius

NYC is limiting the number of vape shops that can exist within the city radius

Posted by Staff on Sep 7th 2017

The demand for healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes has become such a strong trend nowadays to the extent that it is terrifying the big tobacco market immensely to the point where big tobacco is trying to halt or stop the influence of vaping by getting into the pockets of politicians and government.

On august 9 2017, NYC council voted to only allow a certain number of vape shops to open or stay open within NYC limits. The effect of this is that now smokers or vapers will have less places to find products for vaping, and will have to settle for going to a local smoke shop which might only be carrying tobacco products, not vaping products.

Sure, that doesn’t change much because this is of course the age of E-commerce where people shop online and order everything with a few clicks from their smartphones, but those who are completely clueless about e-cigarettes generally tend to go the vape shop that is nearest to them where they can actually see the products, get guidance on what to buy the first time, have the shop owner setup the mod, tank and batteries for them so they can start to quit smoking right as they walk out of the vape shop.

What is more heartbreaking is that organizations such as the American Heart Association and American Lung Association are the biggest groups in supporting the vape shop ban! How contradicting is this that organizations who have vowed to educate and help people against the harms of tobacco, and cigarettes are trying to stop a much much more healthier alternative which helps people to quit smoking faster than any other rehab program has proven, come to support a ban on vape shops!?

The sad truth is that all these organizations that claim to help people quit smoking and take a stand against big tobacco are all really puppets of big tobacco in the end.

There is some good news despite all of this happening. The FDA has taken on a new position regarding nicotine regulation and wants to have products in the market that have nicotine in them but are less harmful than cigarettes, which you can guess is vaping products such E-juices. The FDA has also extended the regulation date from 2018 to 2022, everyone in the vaping industry thought 2018 would be the last year for the vaping industry to exist in, but thankfully there are still many politicians that are honestly looking out for the wellbeing of fellow Americans.

Say no to big tobacco and keep on vaping!