May 16th 2017

Today, we will be taking a look at the Smok QBOX Kit. As you can see from the picture above, this vaping kit is a product of SmokTech. Let’s quickly inform you about what you will get if you buy this vaping device.


The Smok QBOX Kit is a very compact vaping device. In fact, you can wrap it around your hands without anybody noticing that you are holding a super smart vaping device. That said. The Smok QBOX Kit comes in two versions: the standard edition and the EU edition. The former version is meant for people in the US and non-European Union (EU) countries. We don’t really know the main reason why SmokTech decided to produce two versions. But our best bet is that the company took that decision in order not to violate EU laws.

On opening the standard edition of the Q-BOX Kit pack, you will get a QBOX Mod, TFV8 Baby Tank (3ml), pre-installed V8-Baby M2 0.25W Dual Coils, V8-Baby M2 0.25W Dual Coils, and USB Cable. You will also get spare parts and one user manual. The only difference between the standard edition and the EU edition is the size of the TFV8 Baby Tank. The former is 3ml, while the latter is 2ml. Both tanks are still made of stainless steel, so the difference is almost insignificant, in our opinion.


One thing we really like about the Smok QBOX Kit/TFV8 Baby Beast comes is the QBOX mod, which is made of zinc alloy. Despite the small size of this mod, SmokTech was still able to cram a 0.96-inch OLED screen at the front of the mod. At the side of the QBOX mod is a circular fire button and an up-and-down button, both of which are really cool. There are also ventilation holes and a USB port at the bottom of the mod.

What’s more, the QBOX mod has a non-removable battery whose capacity is 1600mAh and a power range of 1-50W. Vapers can use this battery for about 2-3 hours before charging the mod again with the USB cable. SmokTech claims that its battery can be charged between 1.5-2hours, which is not that bad. The QBOX mod also allows one to use both the VC mode (0.1-0.3W) and the TC mode (0.06-3W) and a temperature range of 200-600oF.


The best aspects about this kit is that is extremely compact, it has a built in battery that can be charged within 2 hours via USB cable, so you don’t have to constant re-charge batteries or worry about taking out the batteries when you are not using the device.


  • Very portable and compact design, small as a pack of cigarettes
  • Very easy to operate
  • Built in battery that can be recharged within 2 hours via USB cable
  • Great and affordable price point compared to other kits
  • Great for beginners or people new to vaping.


  • Having a USB port at the bottom, this makes it a bit inconvenient to charge if you have juice left over in the tank

Who is this device a best fit for?

This device makes a good fit for someone that is trying to quit smoking, the reason why we say this is that it is very compact, so it makes it very subtle and easy to carry like a pack of cigarettes. It also makes a good gift for a that friend or loved one that you want to encourage to stop smoking,


Many thanks to SmokTech for producing this compact smart vaping device. Even though we don’t like the fact that the USB port is placed at the bottom of the QBOX mod, we still believe it is a great fit for beginners or people who want to vape and keep this hobby at a personal level.