What are 18650 lithium ion batteries and what battery is best for you?

Sep 18th 2017

Basic concepts of 18650 flat top batteries and what to look for when buying one for your vaping needs

Most box mods these days use 18650 flat top batteries to power the device. The reason why 18650 batteries are used to power these devices is that box mods use different amounts of power at different settings, and 18650 batteries are best suited for this purpose in which they can accommodate the change in power consumption while a regular AA or AAA battery is only designed to run devices that consume a steady amount of power. Take for example a toy, clock, or small RC car, all these items consume battery life at a steady rate, meanwhile your box mod consumes power at a varied rate, especially during temperature control or whenever you decide to up the wattage.

We get many people who ask us on a daily basis on what 18650 battery is best for them since there is a huge variety of 18650 batteries out there.

To understand the basics, we first have to know the terminology we are dealing with when looking to see what kind of 18650 battery we need. There are two terms, amperage (A) and capacity (mah), capacity is a measure of how long your battery can last or how long you can use it. Amperage is the measure of how many amps you can safely pull from the battery.

So lets say we have a battery spec of the following:

20A 3000mah

This means the battery has a capacity of 3000 mili amp hours, and it can pull 20 Amps of power maximum.

Here is another Battery spec we look at:

40A 2000mah

This means that the battery has a capacity of 2000 mili amp hours, and it can pull 40 amps of power maximum

So now we know these basic terms, what battery is best for us?

That all depends, you have to ask yourself will you be vaping at a high wattage where you will be drawing lots of AMPS or do you want to vape at a lower wattage level and have your batteries last for a good while before you have to recharge them?

If you want to vape at a high wattage where your blowing chunky clouds and making donuts with your clouds, then it is very obvious that you need a batter that has a high amp output instead of a high capacity battery.

If you want to vape casually at a low wattage level, and want your batteries to last a good while, then it is best to go for a high capacity battery that way it can last a long time.

#1 golden rule that will always stand unless manufacturers of lithium ion batteries figure out how to chemically engineer the perfect battery.

This rule that we are about to explain will help you spot out legitimate lithium ion batteries versus fake or false claim lithium ion batteries.

The main rule about lithium ion batteries is that you can only have two types of batteries:

  • 1.High drain and small capacity
  • 2.Low drain and high capacity

A battery cannot have both high Amp output and high capacity, it is just not chemically or physically possible. A battery can either have High amp output and low capacity, or low amp output and high capacity. You can verify this claim with many experts in the vaping industry and other industries that have heavy use of these batteries.

For example, I see many stores and wholesalers selling lithium ion batteries with the following specs:

40A 3500mah

I always ask them on how is this possible that you can have the perfect battery that gives both a high drain/AMP output and has a large capacity? They just look at me puzzled and say that the supplier in china told them that this is what the specs are for the battery. In reality, these batteries are mainly cheap batteries that are rewrapped with a nice cover; they never perform to the specs they are written up to.

Our advice to people who are beginners or new to vaping is to stick with “LG” brand 18650 batteries, they are reliable and made by “LG” which is a very reliable company. Be careful of buying batteries on Ebay as there are many sellers selling fakes on ebay for a very cheap prices.

Thank you