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The Kanger SSOCC Clapton Coils are one of the very best atomizer heads Kangertech has released to date. They are made with the finest materials, and produce a an exceptional clouds. Kangertech SSOCC Clapton Atomizer Coils use high-grade Kanthal resistance wire. which has high tensile strength at high temperatures, along with remarkable thermal and electric conductivity, Kanthal resistance wire is the perfect material for atomizer coils.

A unique aspect about the Kangertech SSOCC Atomizer Coils is that the inner three coils are wrapped in a Clapton formation. Clapton coils take a smaller gauge wire and wrap them in a larger gauge wire and this allows for small pockets for the juice to flow into, which then results in intensifying the flavor and cloud production. The clapton coils present a larger surface area, which results in more juice absorption to get the most taste out of the juice. 

Kanger uses 100% Japanese Organic Cotton as the wicking material for the SSOCC Clapton Atomizer Heads. This is an important feature, as it substantially adds to the quality of the vapor produced. Unlike standard cotton, organic cotton is completely free of impurities, such as bleach, pesticides, colorants, and other chemicals. The end result is a much cleaner, truer, and tastier flavor from your e-juices.


SSOCC Clapton Coils Specifications:

Manufacturer: Kangertech

Cotton Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Available Resistance: 0.5 ohm

For Use With: Subtank, Subtank Mini, Subtank Plus, Subtank Nano, NEBOX, TopTank Mini, TopTank Nano

Recommended Wattage: 18W - 70W


What you get in this pack:

5 x Kanger SSOCC Clapton Atomizer Coils


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