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BLUEBERRY CUSTARD-Blueberry Custard is the delicious mix of juicy blueberries and creamy, smooth custard. This premium e liquid will have you drooling! The inhale of Blueberry Custard is the sweet and juicy flavor of a handful of blueberries. The blueberry flavoring is quite refreshing. The exhale meets the refreshing blueberry flavor with a sweet and creamy custard taste. 


VANILLA CUSTARD-Vanilla Custard E-Liquid by Overloaded is a delicious dessert in a creamy custard blended to perfection with rich decadent vanilla.Vanilla Custard has the right amount of vanilla to pair well with the taste of rich custard. Smooth as ever and for the custard lovers out there, it’ll be hard to not indulge on this one. As you inhale, you’ll notice the soft touch of vanilla accenting the tremendous flavor of custard. You’ll notice the complex layering of the custard with eggy undertones as well as the subtle notes of nutmeg. The custard is creamy and incredibly strong for those looking for a fulfilling vape juice.



BANANA CUSTARD-Overloaded Banana Custard E-Liquid is a luscious combination of sweet candied Banana and creamy smooth Vanilla Custard. This gourmet premium e juice is bursting with bold Banana goodness and rich velvety Custard for a sumptuous and satisfying Banana Pudding taste that will melt in your mouth. Banana Custard is a full flavored and aromatic vaping experience that is meant to be savored. OverLoaded is a brand new Custard Flavor juice line by Ruthless E-Juice, makers of Loaded, so you know it's delicious. Try it today!


CRAN APPLE-Loaded Cran Apple E-Juice by Loaded E-Liquid is the newest flavor of rich cran-apple. Cran-Apple Juice contains sweet cranberries and juicy apples. The perfect gift for fruit lovers. Cran-Apple Juice is both refreshing and sweet. Enjoy the taste of your favorite apple treat with Loaded Cran Apple E-juice 120ml by Loaded E-Liquid. Grab yourself this brand new cranberry apple combination that will make you crave the real thing! Loaded offers super sweet over-the-top flavors for the sugar fiend in all of us.


Bottle Size:120 ML

Available Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg