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APPLE- Experience this amazing crisp fresh red apple e juice by 7 DAZE! This reds apple ejuice is reminiscent of a perfect glass of apple juice. . A recreation of the very popular "Selfie Sunday", reds apple ejuice is one of the top reds apple juice flavors on the market. If you are a fruit lover, and especially apples, then this reds apple juice vape is a must-try. You'll be asking yourself why you haven't tried this amazing flavor sooner.


APPLE ICED - One thing I can say is that Reds Iced Apple E-Juice by 7 DAZE is one of those things. If you were a fan of the original Reds Apple E-Juice then you will definitely love this new flavor of apple juice. The flavor profile of this e-liquid consist of a fresh, fruitful and sweet apple juice with a little but of ice menthol added. It almost feels like it just came out of the refrigerator. The inhale of this e-liquid is made mostly up of that cool menthol flavor that cools down the throat and wakes up the taste buds. The exhale of Reds Iced Apple E-Juice by 7 DAZE is when the fresh apple juice hits the tongue and makes the mouth water.


BERRIES- Berries Reds Apple e juice you will be able to enjoying your favorite apple juice flavor with a nice mixed berry twist. With every puff of 7 Daze Reds Apple Berries e juice, your taste buds are going to be jumping in joy with this marvelous mixed berry and apple juice mix. On inhale 7 DAZE Berries Reds Apple vape juice is going to flood your palate with a combination of ripe blueberries, tangy raspberries, and juicy pomegranate. It only gets better on exhale with the iconic reds apple juice flavor that will make you reach for another puff. Vape 7 DAZE Berries Reds Apple E Juice arrives in a 60ml glass dropper bottle and will be available in the nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.  


BERRIES ICED-Reds E-Juice Iced Berries is the latest e juice creation from Vape 7 Daze. This delicious fruit mix featuring their classic apple vape juice combined with mixed berries has an added menthol finish to make for yet another delicious vape juice by the kings of apple vape. The exhale focuses on the apple and menthol: two flavors that were made for each other! The crisp and refreshing qualities are amplified by the incredibly fresh flavors that menthol has to offer. This is not a flavor that you will want to miss! 


GRAPE- A wonderful combination of the original Reds Apple E-Juice, with an added grape flavor to make it even better! This amazing blend is sure to satisfy you on any warm or sunny day. Reds Grape Apple Juice ejuice by 7 DAZE is the flavor of a fresh, crisp sweet grape apple juice. Reminiscent of your favorite fresh pressed apple and grape juice. So sweet and delicious you'll want to drink your vape! Try out a bottle today and experience the bliss. 


GRAPE ICED- Their newest flavor, Grape Reds Apple Iced has the flavor profile of a freshly made grape juice that has been iced to give it a chilling menthol effect. The inhale brings forth a fruity grape sensation that makes the mouth water like a waterfall. Upon exhaling is when an extreme menthol experience comes into play which 7 Daze is known for when it comes the Red Apple Iced flavors.



WATERMELON- Get ready for Reds Watermelon Apple Juice by 7 DAZE e liquid. Mouth watering fresh sliced watermelon with crisp red apples in a refreshing vape that tastes like summer. So refreshing you'll want smack your lips with every vape! The intense flavor is complemented by a refreshing crisp watermelon. While you exhale this watermelon flavor rushes over next washing down those red apples. These flavors fused together provides a unique taste that is better than any fruit salad you may have come across. Once you try it, you won't want to stop vaping it! Try this top selling premium e-liquid today!


MANGO- Mango Apple is an incredible blend of sweet mangoes and juicy apples intended for a deep relaxed vaping. When you inhale, you'll be blown away by the mangoes flavor. That smooth whipped creaminess slowly runs down across the tongue as the savory bread hits the spot. Then, fresh, juicy apple juice lands on the palate on the exhale, thus making you easily get lost in the paradise of this sweet duo. Coming in 60ml glass bottle, this glorious all day vape!


MANGO ICED- Mentholated wonderful blend of mangoes and apple is what you need for your vaping desires on a hot summer days. Thoroughly made for a vaping community, Reds Salt Mango Apple Iced e-juice is well-composed to keep on check your daily nicotine cravings. Cool down your inner fire and add a piece of vaping happiness through the inhale. The burst of juicy and tart mango flavor paired with apple juice runs over your tongue, invigorating you like a crazy. As the flavor mellows out, the hints of menthol awakens your taste buds. With each exhale, mint touched coolness of this amazing blend takes over and over.   


WATERMELON ICED- Watermelon Iced by Red’s Apple E-Juice is a mouth watering apple juice with a watermelon undertone blended together with a menthol twist. This premium beverage vape juice flavor is one to have you mesmerized The inhale brings forth a satisfying apple juice flavoring that will instantly trigger memories of chugging apple juice as a little kid. Your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle with this one! Upon exhaling this 7 Daze e juice flavor is when both the watermelon and menthol undertone come together to complement the apple juice inhale.