Suorin Air Kit - Ultra compact pod system - Various Colors

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Suorin Air Kit - Ultra compact pod system - Various Colors

The Air Kit, by Suorin, is a tiny business card sized e-cig that features a compact cartridge that holds 2 ml of E-Liquid and a built in battery (400mah). 


EASY TO USE - simple one press of a button to activate. There are no on/off switches, adjustable controls, or settings. 


Simply charge and vape - a perfect starter kit for those who don't want a complicated device. 


ULTRA COMPACT - This easily fits in a shirt pocket and can last throughout the day under normal use.  An LED displays remaining battery life and the cartridges can be easily refilled in seconds. 


Each kit includes a micro-usb cable for charging. 


These are ruggedly designed and have an aluminum body. The Suorin air kits are available in Black, Navy Blue,  Gunmetal, Gold


30 DAY Return Policy

If a device becomes defective or arrives defective upon arrival, we will honor the 30 Day return policy for a full refund