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APPLE PEACH SOURFor vapers that only want the best when it comes to fruity candy vape flavors, as no ordinary juice will do during those hot summer months, you need to grab your pod device and hit The Finest Nic Salt Series Apple Peach Sour. The blend of green apple and peach infused into a chewy sour candy will put your cravings at ease. Once you inhale, you’ll be treated to these two glorious fruit juices as they just blow away your taste buds. Then, as your mouth starts to water, the sweetness from the taffy gives you a deeply sour feeling like no other, once the vapor is exhaled. The throat hit is smooth and straight forward, giving you an outstanding mouth-to-lung experience.


STRAW MELON SOURThere are many nostalgic sour belt candy vape flavors out there, that what’s a vaper supposed to do. Every time we experience one, it simply brings back the good ol’ days of eating an entire pack of them without a care in the world. Well, if you’re looking for a new belt candy to try that brings a bit of summer sweetness and sourness to it, then you’re going to enjoy hitting The Finest Nic Salt Series Strawmelon Sour Belts.The blend of strawberry and watermelon juices gives your entire tongue a blast of crisp and refreshing goodness. Each time the vapor exits, you’re then treated to that pleasurable candy flavor that will have your mouth puckering up.


BLUE BERRIES LEMON SWIRL-Round and round it goes, where it stops, only this nicotine knows. If you want a sweet and sour blend of fruits that will make your vape spin, then it’s time to get a bit “swirly” with The Finest Nic Salt Series Blueberries Lemon Swirl. This delightful combo of blueberry and lemon will more than hold down your cravings. The blend of two unique fruity juices will have your taste buds and palate going in all sorts of directions once you take in enough vapor. As it starts to intensify, everything comes to a full stop as the pure sourness makes its way through on the exhale.