V'nilla Cereal and Milk by Tinted Brew - 60 ML - 3 MG

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8.00 Ounces



BERRIES AND CREAM-The perfect combination between milk and fruity cereal. They call it Ultra Magnetic because once your take a vape hit you become so attracted to this e juice that you cannot separate yourself from it! It is that good!


STRAWBERRY MILK-Rainbow Riot Squad is a flavor force that will surely pack a punch. A well rounded juicy, sweet and tart fruit blend will battle for your taste bud love. Like tasting the rainbow, this squad will bring you to flavor paradise.


CHURROS AND MILK-Melon Milk Crusher by Rockt Punch 120ML is an extravagant honeydew melon that has been blended with refreshing milk. This premium vape juice flavor is the crusher to all Melon Milk flavors! Rockt Punch has really raised the bar when it comes to this flavor profile.


COOKIES AND MILK-Lemon Cake Berserker by ROCKT PUNCH is a decadent blend zesty lemons, sweet creamy cheesecake, and rich smooth vanilla and graham cracker to create a vape experience reminiscent of a lemon meringue cheesecake.