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GRANOLA BAR- Original Granola Bar by Yogi Salts E-Liquid takes a fresh bowl of crunchy granola, combining it with a splash of honey to create an all day vape that will entertain the tastebuds


LEMON GRANOLA BAR- Lemon Granola Bar by Yogi Salts E-Liquid is a reiteration of a lemon granola bar, accurately capturing the essence of honey-touched granola and featuring the tangy taste of lemons for a spot on flavor that will have the taste buds roaring in agreement


BLUEBERRY GRANOLA BAR- Blueberry Granola Bar by Yogi Salts E-Liquid is a rendition of a crunchy breakfast cereal, combined with tasty blueberries and nutty granola for a guilt-free combination that will satisfy any sweet tooth.


PEANUT BUTTER BANANA GRANOLA BAR-Peanut butter and granola capture creamy peanut butter on the inhale with granola and subtle notes of banana on the exhale. The rendition and spot-on flavor with Peanut Butter Granola give you a maximum flavor of your favorite PB granola bar.


ORIGINAL GRANOLA BAR- One inhale of Yogi Salt Original Granola Bar, a flood of sugar-coated mixed nuts will delight your palate giving you a genuine granola taste. During exhale a warm and inviting honey will wrap its arms around your sweet tooth and perfectly tie this complex flavor together. Original Granola Bar is perfect for any vape enthusiast looking for a unique flavor that hit all the right spots.  One puff of Original Granola Bar and it will convince anyone it is worthy of being an all day vape. 


VANILLA TOBACCO GRANOLA BAR- Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar by Yogi SALTS E-Liquid is a nicotine salts blend combining elements of rich vanilla and cured tobacco paired with a crunchy granola bar for an unusually tasty vape.


STRAWBERRY GRANOLA BAR- Strawberry Granola Bar by Yogi Salts E-Liquids takes a bowl of tasty granola bits and combines it with a sun-ripened strawberry to create a delectable nicotine salt formulation that is strong and will invigorate the senses